ART - BYOB Create and Sip - Paint Pouring Social

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BYOB Paint party at Pride Novelties, LLC is an awesome way to relax, relate and release with friends, family and make new friends after work or anytime. Purchases can be made on or Pride Novelties website.

The goal of this paint party is to relax and enjoy a social atmosphere of interesting people without the fuse of battling for a bartenders attention, restaurant staff or deal with the constant background noise.  Pride Novelties’ studio is a no-stress environment that will nurture your inner artist with basic drawing instruction included. In this no stress or judgment space, painters will receive all the materials to complete your original works of art. Painters should arrive 15-30 minutes prior to the start of the paint instructions (1:30pm). Painters should come prepared to paint, meaning the paint will possibly splash, smear or spill onto you or your neighbor's clothing, hands, and/or face. It can get pretty messy, but a lot of fun to see your concoction materialize. 

Pride Novelties is dedicated to realizing the painters’ inner artist, by creating a non-competitive and relaxed environment that focuses on self-expression and fostering relationships. 

Pride Novelties does not have a license to sell alcohol, beer, and wine; however, alcoholic beverages may be permitted on the premises for designated parties. All guests consuming alcohol beverages must be at least 21 years old (ID is required).

Location: Pride Novelties @ 5130 North Franklintown Rd., Baltimore, MD 21207 

(Parking located in the rear of the building or along the gravel front)

Time: 1 pm - 4 pm